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16/November/2016 ** NAB Emco Mantap : 5,850.11, YtD +10.96% ** NAB Emco Growth Fund : 939.50, YtD -6.78% ** IHSG : 5,185.46, YtD +12.90%

It is a fund management services, which is being managed by PT. Emco Asset Management to a specific customer, which based on the agreement of the management of securities portfolio, investment manager has the full right given by the customer to manage the securities portfolio based on the agreement.

Based on the securities management agreement for the benefit of the individual client, PT. Emco Asset Management is able to manage the securities portfolio based on the goal and investment policies that have been mentioned in the agreement. By investing in this product, the investor is able to gain the maximum result because the customer and the fund manager are able to decide the limitation of investment in a flexible way.

Product brief:
1.    Legal base: BAPEPAM and LK Number: V.G.6 April 16th, 2010 regarding the portfolio management guidelines for the benefit of the individual clients.
2.    Minimum investment Rp.
3.    Customers’ funds are being stored in the custodian bank in the separate bank account.
4.    The customers will receive the monthly reports about the funds that are being managed.


Daily News

Nilai Aktiva Bersih (NAB) per tanggal 16 November 2016,

  1. Reksa Dana Emco Mantap: 5,850.11, YTD +10.96%.
  2. Reksa Dana Emco Growth Fund: 939.50, YTD -6.78%.
  3. Reksa Dana Emco Barokah Syariah: 1,107.28, YoY +6.91%

Fund Fact Sheet

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Mantap secara YTD 30 September 2016 +12.93%, Emco Growth Fund +3.95% dan Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan +16.80%.

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Barokah Syariah secara YoY 30 September 2016 +7.00%.



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