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16/November/2016 ** NAB Emco Mantap : 5,850.11, YtD +10.96% ** NAB Emco Growth Fund : 939.50, YtD -6.78% ** IHSG : 5,185.46, YtD +12.90%

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Investments in mutual funds contain some risks. Investors must read and understand prospectus before making the decision to invest in mutual fund. All the past performances cannot be used to reflect in the future performance. Emco Mantap and Emco Growth Fund mutual fund are not part of investment instrument guaranteed by Indonesian government or the Bank of Indonesia. Before buying the units, all the investors must read and understand the prospectus and any other offering documents.


Daily News

Nilai Aktiva Bersih (NAB) per tanggal 16 November 2016,

  1. Reksa Dana Emco Mantap: 5,850.11, YTD +10.96%.
  2. Reksa Dana Emco Growth Fund: 939.50, YTD -6.78%.
  3. Reksa Dana Emco Barokah Syariah: 1,107.28, YoY +6.91%

Fund Fact Sheet

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Mantap secara YTD 30 September 2016 +12.93%, Emco Growth Fund +3.95% dan Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan +16.80%.

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Barokah Syariah secara YoY 30 September 2016 +7.00%.



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