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16/November/2016 ** NAB Emco Mantap : 5,850.11, YtD +10.96% ** NAB Emco Growth Fund : 939.50, YtD -6.78% ** IHSG : 5,185.46, YtD +12.90%


•    To become one of the investament managers which is able to give the best return and trustworthy.


•    To become one of the ten invetsment managers that manages the high amount of funds in the next five years.
•    To build a professional investment manager team that works according to the result of fundamental and technical research by some good qualities of staff.
•    To expand the effectiveness of the mutual fund distribution throughout Indonesia.
•    To be able to help capital markets industry to grow, be transparent, good corporate governance, and for sure in a good quality.


Daily News

Nilai Aktiva Bersih (NAB) per tanggal 16 November 2016,

  1. Reksa Dana Emco Mantap: 5,850.11, YTD +10.96%.
  2. Reksa Dana Emco Growth Fund: 939.50, YTD -6.78%.
  3. Reksa Dana Emco Barokah Syariah: 1,107.28, YoY +6.91%

Fund Fact Sheet

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Mantap secara YTD 30 September 2016 +12.93%, Emco Growth Fund +3.95% dan Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan +16.80%.

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Barokah Syariah secara YoY 30 September 2016 +7.00%.



Kontan Edisi Khusus - "Memilih Reksadana Jawara", April 2012.

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